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Heat Exchangers

Advanced Industrial Components (AIC) Inc. (CANADA) has been manufacturing heat exchangers and heat transfer equipment since 1988. AIC provides heat exchangers to the HVAC, hydronic, power generation, district energy, oil & gas, refrigeration, cryogenic, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, marine, and many other industries. AIC offers a wide variety of heat exchangers from standard plate & Frame, brazed plate, and shell & tube units to high temperature, high pressure, chemically resistant, and custom units.

  • A-Line Plate & Frame
  • B-Line Shell & Tube
  • B6-Line Shell & Tube
  • E-Line Economizers
  • JAD Line Shell & Coil
  • L-Line Brazed Plate
  • LENS Shell & Tube
  • M-Line Marine Grade
  • P-Line Sanitary
  • PS/PW U-Tube
  • Rex Water Heater
  • TW-Line Titanium

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